Advantages of Child Bilingualism

We are surrounded by language every waking moment of everyday. We use language to communicate our thoughts and feelings, to connect with others and to understand the world around us.

Little Friends School is proud to have a large number of bilingual children. We have children from all different ethnic backgrounds and enjoy interacting with them and even learning from them.

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Help Your Child Develop Their Speech By…

The stages of speech and language development can vary from child to child. There’s a wide variability in speech development so if your neighbor’s 2-year-old can string together seven-word sentences and your toddler says only two words at a time, it may not be something to worry about. Some children simply acquire words more gradually.

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Give Your Child a Nutritious Diet

Is your child getting enough calcium? Enough iron? Too much fat? Whether you have a toddler or a teen, nutrition is important to his or her physical and mental development.

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Emotional Development Just as Important as Cognitive Development

Learning to Recognize Emotions

Social/emotional development includes a child’s expression, management of emotions and the ability to identify and understand one’s own feelings. Similar to cognitive development, the construction of thought processes, children need to learn their emotions and what they mean. In learning to recognize their emotions, children often build skills that connect them with family, peers and teachers. This provides an opportunity for them to learn about emotions through interactions.

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Pre-K for All Open House on January 24th

Our Pre-K for All open House at Little Friends School Elmhurst will be held on Wednesday, January 24th from 3:30-4:30. Families will be provided with information regarding the Pre-K for All program for children born in 2014.

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Make the Holiday Season Fun for Your Children Without Giving Presents

As we near the time of year often dedicated to giving children presents, it is important to help them understand that the holiday season is not only about receiving gifts, but it’s about cherishing time with loved ones.

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