About Little Friends School

Little Friends School provides a developmentally appropriate, child-centered, teacher-facilitated early childhood program.

Our primary goal is to instill in children a love of learning that will guide them throughout their lives. We encourage children to explore, experiment and experience new things.

Children are guided to grow and learn across all domains including educationally, physically and socially.

Children enrolled at Little Friends School are provided the time, opportunity as well as guidance as they navigate new learning situations and develop new friendships. Our warm, caring and supportive atmosphere encourages creativity and self expression.

Little Friends School

Programs Offered

For your convenience, Little Friends School is open Monday-Friday from 7:00 am – 6:30 pm. We are open all year round. We provide flexible schedules to accommodate parents’ needs.

We offer programs for Two’s & Early PreschoolPreschool, Pre-K, After School and Summer.

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