Make the Holiday Season Fun for Your Children Without Giving Presents

As we near the time of year often dedicated to giving children presents, it is important to help them understand that the holiday season is not only about receiving gifts, but it’s about cherishing time with loved ones.

Shared Time is Time Well Spent

As important as shared experiences are for adults, they are even more important for children and for their healthy psychological development. Shared family time is much more significant for a child’s well being than toys and the many extracurricular activities which leaves little time for families to gather and share special memories. Shared family time has been linked to fewer behavioral problems in children and provides a sense of security. Material possessions do not equal happiness; experiences are much more intrinsically fulfilling than objects and they give a lifetime of memories.

mother & daughter hug at christmas
father & daughter baking christmas cookies

Togetherness is the Best Gift

Parents can make the holidays special for their little ones without the presents by playing a game, having craft time and just by being together. It is important for children to see adults having fun and being creative. Sit with your child and cut out snowflakes, read books together, color a picture, put a puzzle together or tell them stories. Explain to your little ones that Mommy and Daddy have everlasting love for them and it’s something that they can’t take back. This is much more special than giving them a gift that will break or get lost in a few weeks. Your children will grow up with the spirit of the season to mean fun family time without focusing on gifts. Plus, you don’t have to find a place to store fun family time except in your heart, memory and in your photo album.

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