Little Friends School in the Media

Earlier this month, we were featured in an article published by Business Insider. The article focuses on how we have safely adapted to the new normal brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keeping Our Staff and Children Safe

You can read the full article here: Here’s What It’s Like Inside an NYC Preschool That Just Reopened, Where Kids Wash Their Hands Every Hour and Fill Out Health Screenings Every Day


  • Little Friends School has been around for over 50 years
  • We never fully shut down; Little Friends School initially transitioned to only serving children of essential workers
  • The Department of Health rescinded the order that closed all schools/daycare centers
  • Little Friends School has four classes: – a class of 2-year-olds, a class of 3-year-olds, and two pre-k classes which merge into our small after school program after the rest of the children have left
  • The correct spelling of the teacher interviewed is Raquazenek¬†
Little Friends School Classroom Expectations
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